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Publish dateDecember 2013 

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Editorial note

Message from Editor-in-CheifPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Dedov I.I.4-5


Prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications among the population of Moscow Region – a cross-sectional epidemiological studyPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Suntsov Y.I., Bolotskaya L.L., Rudakova O.G., Andrianova E.A., Tolkacheva A.A., Kon I.L.6-10


Genetic framework of type 2 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Bondar' I.A., Shabel'nikova O.J.11-16
Rs7903146 variant of TCF7L2 gene and rs18012824 variant of PPARG2 gene (Pro12Ala) are associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Novosibirsk populationPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Bondar' I.A., Filipenko M.L., Shabel'nikova O.J., Sokolova E.A.17-22
Comparative analysis of HLA II allele and genotype frequency distribution in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus and autoimmune thyroiditisPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Repina E.A., Atamanova T.M., Zvereva Y.S., Tishina Y.V., Prokof'ev S.A.23-27


Markers for gastrointestinal autoimmune disorders in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitusHTML (RUSSIAN) PDF (RUSSIAN)
Derevyanko O.S., Dalantaeva N.S., Pekareva E.V., Ivanova O.N., Goncharov N.P., Nikonova T.V., Smirnova O.M.28-32
Analysis of the calcium-phosphorus metabolism and function of the parathyroid glands in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Khantakova E.A., Khamnueva l.Y., Orlova G.M.33-37
Immunohystochemical study of the largest islets of human pancreas in aging and diabetes mellitus: perspectives for the transplantationPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Proshchina A.E., Krivova Y.S., Barabanov V.M., Savelyev S.V.38-43

Experimental Diabetology

Morphology of bronchial epithelium in rodent streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Pivovarova O.A., Mankovsky B.N.44-48


Novel approach to pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Mukhamedzhanov E.K., Esyrev O.V.49-51

Education and psychosociologycal aspects

The effects of structured self-monitoring of blood glucose on therapeutic effectiveness and adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus initiating insulin treatmentPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Suvorova L.A., Petrov A.V., Strongin L.G.52-57
Evaluation of glycemic control, quality of life and psychological characteristics in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitusHTML (RUSSIAN) PDF (RUSSIAN)
Shishkova Y.A., Motovilin O.G., Surkova E.V., Mayorov A.Y.58-65


Arrhythmogenic effects of hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Laptev D.N., Ryabykina G.V.66-71
Correlation between arterial wall stiffness, N-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide, functional and structural myocardial abnormalities in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiac autonomic neuropathyPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Serhiyenko V.A., Serhiyenko A.A., Mankovsky B.N.72-77


Anti-VEGF agents in the treatment of diabetic macular edemaPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Konenkov V.I., Klimontov V.V., Chernykh V.V., Tjan N.V.78-84

Diabetic foot

Clinical outcomes of lower limb peripheral vascular disease after endovascular intervention in patients with diabetes mellitus, critical limb ischemia and chronic kidney diseasePDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Ayubova N.L., Bondarenko O.N., Galstyan G.R., Manchenko O.V., Dedov I.I.85-94

Diagnosis, control, treatment

Efficacy and safety of glimepiride as initial treatment in Russian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Ametov A.S., Abaeva F.T.95-100
Ten years of NovoMix 30 in Russian and international clinical practicePDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Surkova E.V.101-107

Short Message

Meeting of the expert committee on the use of pre-mixed insulin preparation Humalog Mix 50 in type 2 diabetes mellitusPDF (RUSSIAN) HTML (RUSSIAN)
Diabetes Mellitus journal editorial council

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